10% of US Singles are using adult dating sites

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Here are a few matchmaking data from POF Blog. It’s my opinion these numbers tend to be for 2011 and merely worry the United States.

  • you will find 54 million singles
  • Of those 10 percent (5.5 million) are presently utilizing a dating service
  • 2.6 million pay for the service making 2.9 million which do not.
  • Overall 8.8 million have tried internet dating

based on the me Census in 2009 there were 95.9 million unbi married men chat folks in the usa. So I imagine about 40 percent of those must certanly be in certain sort of common law relationship and merely have never hitched. It’s my opinion your ten percent figure of individuals who use online dating sites most likely has never altered a lot over the past 5 years. The trick now let’s talk about internet dating sites is to get one other 49 million to test online dating.

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