Custom Software Development for Logistics Industry

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Knowing the tech necessary to develop transportation software doesn’t mean you know how to implement supply chain management system successfully. Plus, you can engage employees in more important tasks, increasing productivity levels. Meanwhile, the program will make it easier to travel through the supply chain, track goods in real time, optimize routes, and much more in a couple of clicks. (If you want to learn more about other ways to automate your work, check our article on n8n automation tool). Custom software is a more secure option as cybercriminals need to learn how to hack a specific app’s source code.

This includes addressing functional defects, performance bottlenecks, and security vulnerabilities. By promptly resolving these issues, the team ensures that the software is secure, reliable, and performs optimally. Furthermore, the team should conduct quality assurance testing to assess the software’s speed, scalability, and resource utilization. This ensures that the software can handle the expected workload efficiently. Additionally, security testing should be carried out to identify and address vulnerabilities that could compromise the integrity and confidentiality of the system. The transportation industry is an integral part of the global economy, constantly expanding and playing a crucial role across all sectors.


That’s why 36 clients came back to us when they had an additional project—many for more than one product. We excel in matching your needs to the most appropriate, pragmatic implementation. After all, if the software doesn’t complement your workers or workflow, the tool is not useful. Develop a logistics system that helps manufacturers, distributors and 3PLs efficiently move goods and get full visibility of shipment operations. Jay has over 25 years of experience as a Financial System Architect, Solution Architect, Supply Сhain Consultant, and Project Advisor.

  • Our engineers with profound expertise in logistics software development design custom solutions that streamline the company’s processes and prevent potential losses and extra expenses.
  • Other companies move slowly, but these guys move fast which is what we liked about them.
  • With a deep understanding of highly-complex systems, we create custom digital solutions that help you turn big data into actionable insights and simplify operations.
  • Furthermore, the team should conduct quality assurance testing to assess the software’s speed, scalability, and resource utilization.
  • We analyze your existing software to define its bottlenecks and inefficiencies.

Therefore, the creation of custom software can be a worthwhile investment in the sustainable development of the company. It allows managers to quickly track each inventory position using Barcodes, RFIDs, or QR-based systems. Apart from real-time tracking it also shares some extra data on each item, e.g. its value, status, condition, etc.

Quality delivery

We help you create new transportation and logistics systems that use a fully networked supply chain for cooperation between your logistic teams, supply chain managers, shippers and others. With dedicated, custom-built software for the logistics industry, you gain a possibility to optimize your business. Our logistics software development team architects a high-quality digital product for your organization based on the initial feedback. We first work on developing the MVP version of the product based on your business needs. The first step to developing tailor-made logistics software involves thoroughly assessing the client’s requirements and establishing clear objectives.

custom logistics software development

And analyzing data from active sensors, our customers become able to reduce unnecessary fuel consumption, improve driving performance, get regular traffic updates, and establish predictable ETAs. Specific software designed for ELDs allows to ensure better on-the-road safety and helps fleets to comply with global regulations. A transportation management system gives visibility into trade compliance documentation and day-to-day transport operations, in addition to ensuring the timely shipping and delivery of goods and freights. Our team created multiple supply chain and tendering management solutions for European logistics  companies.

Parcel Audit Software

As one of the industry’s top-ranked custom software development vendors, Andersen delivers outstanding solutions across a range of sectors. Have your finger on the pulse of your business with our cutting-edge inventory management software. With our solutions, you’ll always know the amount and quality of the items in stock and be able to make instant inventory management decisions. By applying to the Phase, you choose a deep analysis of your business needs and the market. It’s done to come up with a perfect plan for creating logistics software that will suit your unique requirements.

custom logistics software development

Low-code technology encourages faster development since it offers elements that can be used to build and test several versions of the software before going live. Such platforms are usually subscription-based, which means that for a fixed cost every month, you get almost unlimited flexibility to add new features. For instance, Kissflow Low-Code is an enterprise-friendly low-code application development platform that logistics providers can use to design their own software and apps. Inoxoft is custom logistics mobile app development services company that delivers software for companies worldwide.

How much time does it take to develop a logistics software for transport company?

He leads a team of dedicated security engineers and penetration testers, supporting clients with security expertise. A responsible enterprise invests in a software product only if it has been secured with the proper measures at the appropriate time within the software’s product life cycle. Organizations must understand how these security measures work, are implemented and behave—and under which circumstances they fail. The most promising route to impressing this knowledge upon software development teams is the designation of full-time security experts.

custom logistics software development

With order management software, businesses get access to up-to-date data on the stocks and transport load, and can automate the order tracking and placement processes for themselves or their business partners. As a result, companies can optimize the use of their resources and provide their clients with the latest data on the products, transportation, storage space, and others. As a leading logistics app development company, we begin with what, why, and how our logistics and transportation software development can benefit your business and bring sustainable solutions to the system. You can also avail automated shipping logistics solutions including bar codes, auto conveyors, sorting systems, and cranes. To hire logistics and transportation app development teams, consult reliable platforms like Clutch or Good Firms, which feature numerous software development companies.

Transportation Companies

ProCoders is always ready to consult you on the time and money questions, as well as to discuss the functionality and modules needed for the perfect software for your company. Of course, instead of hiring an analytics team, you can apply to ProCoders’ Discovery Phase. We already have people whose main specialization is pinpointing potential issues and finding solutions for them. Staff management systems will aid human resources and managers in optimizing employee responsibilities, allocating tasks, monitoring, accessing results, shifting working hours, and more.

custom logistics software development

What triggered us was their remote collaboration practices as well as their experience in the IoT industry. Their strong technical experience helped us scale our platform and deliver great performance to our customers. Logistics, supply chain planning, warehousing and transportation industries are all innovating at a rapid rate.


They were dedicated to the project and made sure every stage was made visible to the client. Relevant Software established a smooth process using agile methodology, while their responsiveness and personable approach contributed to the positive experience. A comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System that dramatically increased the efficiency of a well-known US-based vehicle transportation company. This case study lays out the journey of Aristek with a client from the point of the client’s challenge down to the provision of a workable solution.

With the help of the WMS custom application, you also receive the ability to monitor and accelerate workflow, manage billing, and drastically reduce waste across warehouse systems. Maximize your logistics performance with the innovative transportation software development services provided by TechVision. Leverage cutting-edge technology to boost asset management by efficiently analyzing and visualizing data and accurately monitoring each stage of the delivery process.

He is a UN/CEFACT Supply Chain Expert and researcher of Blockchain identity and supply chain tech, whose works are published by IEEE and the World Economic Forum. John currently consults with businesses looking to transform and digitize their supply chains. Andersen’s Logistics restaurant app builder software developers are always ready to quickly respond to changes by using technology to improve the client experience and win trust. Make your transportation business truly modern and digitized to win more clients, boost profits, and stand out against your competitors.

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