Protect Your Digital Assets With a Data Security Strategy

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You need a combination of hardware and software to secure digital data. The most effective approach is to combine an layered security strategy which makes use of multiple security controls to implement a defense-in-depth strategy.

The goal is to limit the risk of a data breach and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. This includes the ability to analyze, detect and monitor databases and threats. Additionally, you must protect your applications and proprietary business processes that run across on-premises data centers, public and private cloud servers. A unified solution allows you to manage data security across different environments and software applications.

Certain of the most important data is secured by encryption, which keeps data private. It is not a substitute for the best practices such as using strong passwords or updating frequently. A centralized policy that manages these requirements, along with multi-factor authentication, biometrics and other security measures, could aid in reducing the threat data sharing insights of brute force or attacks that use password sprays.

Other important measures include a backup copy that can be restored in the event of a disaster. A mirrored environment, which replicates data across multiple disks, can offer an additional layer of protection against data loss. Snapshots are incremental copies which let you track changes over time. They’re also more efficient in terms of storage capacity than a traditional backup and can help determine the cause of a leak.

Data breaches are a serious business concern, and the consequences could be devastating. One incident could cost millions of dollars in lawsuits, recovery expenses, and lost business. For small-sized companies, the loss are often insurmountable. A good data security plan minimizes the risks and boost the bottom line.

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